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ROLAND PICZA LPX-1200 3D Laser Scanner


The Roland LPX-1200 3D laser scanner is Roland's highest resolution laser scanner. With a 0.1mm resolution, intricate details of small objects are able to be scanned.

The ease of use of the scanner allows beginners to 3D laser scan objects. Designers, artists, animators, and game developers have the ability to scan objects into the computer in a highly automated manner. Just like a microwave oven in usage, simply open the door, place the object you want to scan inside, close the door, set your scan parameters and press start. The LPX-1200 laser scanner will automatically 3D scan the object for you and create a 3D computer model.

Easy to Use 3D Laser Scanner
The Roland LPX-1200 3D laser scanner requires no complicated settings or technical expertise. With just a single mouse click, the LPX-1200 laser scans a 3D object. The LPX-1200 3D laser scanner is controlled from the supplied Roland software. Users can control the 3D laser scanning resolution, the laser scan area and laser scan mode (rotary or planar), providing advanced users with more options and control over the laser scanning process. Scans are done automatically and unattended.

A Complete Solution from 3D Laser Scanning to Data Conversion
3D laser scanners produce 3D point cloud data. To prepare the scan file for your 3D CAD program, Roland includes a software package called 'Pixform Pro' which outputs STL polygon mesh or NURBS surface files.

For more advanced scanning, and customised output for animation or manufacturing, software packages such as Geometry Systems, Rapidform or Geomagic are recommended. These programs allow users to align complex scans and process the data to usable file formats for animation or manufacturing.


Model car scan model

Download a brochure (PDF: 448Kb)PDF


- Table size Diameter 254 mm
- Maximum scanning area Rotary scanning: Diameter 254 mm, height 406.4 mm
Plane scanning: Width 254 mm, height 406.4 mm
- Scanning pitch Rotary scanning: circumference 0.18 to 3.6 degrees, height direction 0.2 to 406.4 mm
Plane scanning: width direction 0.2 to 254 mm, height direction 0.2 to 406.4 mm
- Repeatability +/-0.05mm
- Maximum table load weight 5 kg (not including optional vise)
- Laser Wavelength: 645 to 660nm, maximum output: less than 0.39 mW (maximum output discharged outside housing is 0.39 uW)
- Sensor Non contact laser sensor
- Scanning method Spot-beam triangulation
- Operating speed Table rotation speed: 9 rpm, head rotation speed: 4.48 rpm, head movement speed: 37 mm/sec.
- Interface USB 1.1
- Control keys and LEDs Standby key, Standby LED, and Movement LEDs
- Power consumption Dedicated AC adapter (DC 19V, 2.1 A)
- External dimensions 630 (W) x 506 (D) x 761 (H) mm
- Weight 63 kg (main unit only)
- Operating temperature 10 to 40 °C
- Operating humidity 35 to 80 % (no condensation)
- Operating system Windows 95/98/Me and Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP.